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    As we know sender ID is a special name or specific set of digits shown above the text messages representing the company or brand sending you. Hence, you can select a campaign name, company name, brand name, or even digits instead of texts receiving from traditional system-generated standard mobile numbers. The main advantage of using a unique sender ID is that customers recognize the company or brand at once from where the message is coming from. Sender ID is actually a number masking technique by which you can display a customized name or number on the recipient’s mobile phones. Sender ID consists of only six characters following the rules of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). It has become possible to send such SMS which doesn’t need a written response in return by using Sender ID as it doesn’t provide a reply option. So it’s the responsibility of the sender to provide all obvious pieces of information in the text so that clients/customers easily opt out. This would be considered as a practicing organization’s best codes of ethics with each send. Sender Id or header may be of two type’s i.e Promotional and Transactional. Sender Id or header consists of strictly 6 characters neither more nor less than 6. Promotional header or sender ID is numeric i.e consists of 6 digits or numbers from 0 to 9. However, transactional headers comprises of alphabets only. Before creating a sender ID on the Bulk2SMS portal you have to create a header on DLT. The same header or sender ID would be used to send bulk SMS through any company. Each entity can create up to 20 headers including both promotional and transactional headers. While creating headers on the DLT platform one thing should be kept in mind that your header/ sender ID should resemble your organization/brand details and KYC document uploaded.



    • 1. Visit your Jio DLT portal, log in by entering your username and password. Before getting into account, you have to enter an OTP received through your registered mobile number.
    • 2. Reaching out on the dashboard, click on the Header SMS button in the menu tab; choose header SMS registration from dropping list.
    • 3. Choose Header SMS type i.e promotional or transactional. The promotional header would be numeric six characters, while transactional would be six alphabets.
    • 4. Select the Category of header according to your business or brand.
    • 5. Then, create a header strictly consisting of only six characters — it must be related to your organization.
    • 6. Click on the ‘Submit’ button. Your header will shift into the pending registration panel. It may take twenty-four hours to get approved sometimes it also gets rejected.
    • 7. After approval, this header or sender ID would be registered on the SMS service provider Company’s portal to send bulk SMS to your consumers.


    • 1. Enter Bulk2SMS account by using your login credentials.
    • 2. Tap on the ‘Sender ID’ option.
    • 3. On the right of the panel, tap on the ‘Add new’ button.
    • 4. A pop-up menu containing terms and conditions will display, tick the checkbox at the bottom and click the 'Next button to agree to the terms.
    • 5. A dialog box with budget plans would be opened. Select the most suitable plan for you. It includes essential sender ID information such as six best characters–our support team would authorize it by hand, and the procedure can take nearly two days. If your Id is not accepted, your money would be reimbursed. Press the 'Next button after selecting the chosen budget plan.
    • 6. A new dialogue, the sender's ID, company/name, and sample of an SMS sample will display on the screen. Click the 'Submit' button when you complete all the information and check the checkboxes. Make sure that the sender id corresponds to the name of your company or brand.
    • 7. For example, to create a sender id for one of the best colleges in India, Dr. Dy Patil Law College: enter your customized sender Id name after passing through the login Credentials. You may write DRDPLC as a unique Id, next, you have to write its complete form, and then add a written SMS sample. Check the checkbox and click on the ‘Submit’ option.
    • 8. After a specified time you will receive an approval text on your registered mobile number.
    • 9. In case you need to renew your sender press the ‘View All’ button in the sender Id section.
    • 10. Hit the ‘Renew’ button after selecting the Sender ID you want to renew.