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    Bulk Voice Call Services In India

    The Bulk Voice Call Service is for communicating your pitch and converting your sales call into a business lead. It is a service that offers a personal touch, a message is conveyed in a human voice. Bulk Voice Call Service is the most effective way to connect to customers. Texting can never do justice to your marketing lines. The impact of a powerful voice message is way beyond the simple text message. Not everyone can read and write in India. It is a fact, there is a group of illiterates in the 21st century. To cover them and share your message with them, the best option is to communicate in their local language.

    A fully customized experience, you choose your lines, you choose the tone and the length of your voice call. Bulk2sms is having all the features required to get an excellent experience of Voice Call service. Business tag lines have to be catchy and crisp. The message of choosing your business over the competitors must be conveyed. Is it possible to shift a loyal customer towards your brand? Yes, it is possible. Correct marketing skills can easily make it possible. To attract more customers and to give a big launch to your brand. You have to follow legit tactics like sharing Bulk SMS, making Voice Calls, and promoting your brand on various social media platforms. We are here to take care of the Voice Call service. You can easily choose a pack of your choice. Our services are economical and hassle-free.

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    Bulk Voice Call Features

    Prominent features of Bulk Voice Call Service are as follows

    Scheduling of calls:

    You can share the voice message at the correct time of your choice. We offer the opportunity to schedule the call.

    Option to Call-for-action:

    As soon as the customer chooses the right action, such as contact us today. A call is made to your marketing team and you can easily communicate with the interested customer. It is the most attractive feature of using this service.

    Able to retry voice calls in case

    incase the contact number is busy or out of reach: You can easily retry after a while in case the call does not get connected in your first attempt. It allows covering every important customer.

    Skip Do Not Call List

    A specific number is provided for your business marketing calls. We ensure that it is not a part of the do not call list or spam list. This feature helps to cover the maximum amount of people.

    Answered Call Billing

    Pay only when the customer receives a call or is connected to our server, If the user is unreachable or disconnects the call then an appropriate refund will be provided.

    Customized Voice Clip

    Customize and upload your voice clip with user-friendly dashboard and send up to millions of user at a time and start your bulk voice campaign with us

    Voice Call Services Support

    We are a team of experts offering the finest services in this industry. We are capable of handling multiple users at a time. The technology adopted by our business is capable of providing high-speed solutions to your chosen service. The services of Bulk Voice Calling Services in India is enabled with high-speed data transfer and is completely secured end-to-end. We aim to provide maximum options for providing the ideal marketing platform to the users. Grow your networking, contact us today. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and information to get complete access to Bulk Voice Call Service.

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