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    Missed Call Service Provider In India

    Bulk2sms has made it possible for you to get a response from the interested customers just by a missed call. How does it work? Missed Call Service starts with the missed call from the customer’s side. A missed call is the correct trigger to carry out the next task. You can share your response through a call, message, or e-mail. It will contain all the necessary information that the customer has asked for; we are the #1 Missed Call Service Provider At Affordable Cost

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    Key features of Missed Call Service

    A missed call can give you a sales call. Did you know?
    No DND will be provided:

    The number that will be given for representing your brand and will be shared with the customer for the missed call service will be unique. It will not be a part of a DND list nor will be a spam contact number.

    An instant response will be shared after the missed call:

    An instant response will be shared after the missed call: If the response is a call, a message, email, etc. It will be shared instantly after receiving the missed call, Because if customers are interested it will press appropriate keys to reach us out

    A full summary of the missed calls received can be accessed

    A summary of all the contacts will be prepared and shared with the customer. You can place requests for any desired period or time! Data will be 100% authentic and vauluble

    24x7 customer support service:

    In case of any query, we are here to guide and help you. You can contact us round the clock 24X7 our experienced customer executive will definitely able to solve any issue related to your query

    Disconnecting Call

    A call will be automatically disconnected and a representative will try to connect the user instantly with pre-data of number and location, Some users also using Bulk Voice Call

    No Busy Server

    Sometimes customer uses to ask silly questions, It can be easily solved with IVR function, It will function as your Artificial Intelligence by feeding all customer data into it

    Where can you use the Missed Call Service?

    Missed Call Service can be used in many different ways. Few are discussed below:
    Lead generation

    Spread awareness about the products offered by you and get a response. The missed call service will help you get good traffic and successful response to the sales call.

    Share offers

    It is the easiest approach to discuss offers and the current consumer relationships. All fresh offers and bargains can be provided immediately after the missed call is received. The missed call is used as an incentive to meet a criterion and an offer is subsequently shared.

    Simplify successful registration:

    While registering with a website or mobile application, users can easily complete the verification of their identity by giving a missed call on the given number. It will help to get the registration formalities complete and the identity of the user will be verified.

    Understand customer choice

    If the customer is interested in the information shared by the marketing call attended by them. Or have checked an email that includes all the necessary information. The interested customer can be asked to take an action by giving a missed call to a certain number. A successful missed call will be treated as the choice of the customer.

    Sign petitions related to social causes

    A call can be placed or an email can be shared related to the social cause for circulation of the petition. The one who wants to sign the same can give their consent by giving a missed call

    Offering extended support:

    A customer care request can also be made by giving a missed call. Customers can request to get help from the customer support team and the concerned team can communicate with them.

    How Missed Call Services Helps In Business

    Ease Your Customer Relation With Missed Call Service

    Bulk2sms is working towards useful services for its consumers. The services given by us are having many benefits. For both sides, the corporate company and its clients, the advantages of numerous elements of the missed call service are. The commercial advantages for the company are obvious. This service is valuable to clients; they may voice their views and stand up for a cause. The company can introduce this functionality in its service in a win-win position. Simply make a missed call and access the services. We are glad to help you comprehend the different services we offer. Missed Call Service offers many advantagesThe business enterprise can get information on the needs of its customers, the choice of the customer, and the customer firsthand. It is important for the planning of annual budgets and bridging the gap between demand and supply, every user can be verified, and only verified user gets access to the service. The customer will readily express his opinion and share his acceptance of newspapers and offers, reducing the cybercrime rate and possible fraudulent operations. The best technique to get a target audience's response. It is particularly convenient for socio-organizations.

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