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    OTP SMS | Add 2FA Layer Now

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    OTP SMS | 2FA authentication details

    For every business delivering goods and services on websites or applications, OTP SMS Services is one of the most creative offerings. It fills the client's physical checks gap for the company. It helps them to distinguish between a true request and a spam request from the website user. To complete the verification and prove identity, the registered mobile number must be carefully input. The OTP SMS shall be communicated with the customer's entered number when the payment, authentication, or other important request is requested.

    OTP SMS is essential for providing a secured medium to authorize various activities like registration requests, online payment requests, password change requests, etc. It works with the help of a registered contact number. As soon as the person enters the mobile number for verifying the identity, a password is shared through SMS to the registered mobile number. The password is to be entered in order, confirming the identity of the customer. Only after entering the password, the verification gets completed.

    OTP SMS Services Features

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    Instant delivery of OTP SMS:

    As soon as the registered number gets shared within a few seconds OTP SMS is sent to the same number. It is a quick service offered by Bulk2sms to complete the process of verification instantly.

    A timer is shared

    A proper timer reflecting the validity of OTP SMS is shared. The maximum validity of an OTP password is 15min. After that, a new OTP should be requested to complete the process of verification

    • E-commerce website:

    It is useful for completing the payment for the order placed by the customer on the e-commerce website. OTP SMS is sent to customers' registered mobile numbers.

    • Mobile applications:

    : E-wallets on various mobile applications are offered today. The one that has UPI is transacted through a banking company and the other one that is an e-wallet of that application requires this service separately. OTP Bulk SMS services offered by Bulk2sms offer the facility to authenticate the login procedure, request a password change, and authorize the payment request made by the user of the mobile application.

    • Social media platforms:

    For creating an account with any social media platform, it is essential to check whether the person is an authentic user or not. It is the most basic and most secure way to confirm the identity of a person.

    • Banks:

    The OTP Bulk SMS service is very dear to the banking sector. It is the medium that provides bank two-way verification of the person. First, this feature allows the bank to send OTP for authorizing the payment request made by the customer. And the second is to help them confirm the identity of the person accessing the banking facility.

    • Logistics, Shipping, and transportation companies:

    OTP facility is used by shipping companies for checking the authenticity of the person receiving the parcel or cargo. The companies that are involved in the transportation of food or offering rides in-cab use this service.

    • Essential for confirming identity:

    It is used widely for confirming the identity of the person that is requesting any kind of grant or permission to access or carry out an activity. It helps a business entity to grant permission to a verified and authentic user. Prevents them from any fraud or any possible cybercrime.

    • Secure medium to authenticate credentials:

    While sharing credentials, everyone takes a heavy breath. It is because of the increasing crime and scams through the internet. You can skip and save your customers from such avoidable situations. The service of OTP Bulk SMS is here to offer a secure medium to get the credentials of the customer authenticated.

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