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    Promotional Bulk SMS Services

    A business requires marketing skills to survive in any industry it’s dealing in. It is not a cakewalk to stay in a competitive market. With the gradual increase in competition, it just gets tougher. There are measures to promote brands and one of the most prominent measures is Bulk SMS Service. This service is dedicated to businesses marketing and helps a business get recognition and promote itself.

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    How Does Promotional Bulk SMS Service work?

    A short message containing details about the products on sale, location of the outlet, direct link of the e-commerce website, details of business hours, contact details, etc. Everything that can be written down to share details of the product will work. Strategic content needs to be designed and communicated. It should be able to communicate the message “buy from us” or “contact us to purchase our product”. Simply communicate and enjoy the increased sales.

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    24/7/365 Support

    We ensure that you have a great experience while hosting your websites on our server. Whenever you need any technical assistance, our experts are available 24/7/365 to fix your technical issues.

    Easy To Use Dashboard

    Similarities between our dashboard and windows OS is that both systems are user friendly even a small kid can use our software to send promotional SMS.

    Authentic Delivery Reports

    Our system doesn't generate any fake or null reports, We believe quality at a low price! Take a trial of 500 SMS and send it to your own numbers and test our service.

    Why Promotional SMS service will work in favor of the business?

    Promotional SMS Mobile phone

    Choosing "Promotional SMS" is the best decision for increasing your chance to crack a sales call. Sharing information about your goods and services will help you communicate your presence in the market. In the present day, where people are busy on a smartphone, one SMS can get ignored. But if occasional messages are sent, they can get a reminder about the business.

    We offer a "Bulk Promotional SMS" aligned with the package. Contact us today to buy the service for your business. Our representatives will guide you about the service. You will be guided to access the service at your own workplace and on your own device. Just a few steps and it will be within your reach and can be accessed daily.

    Key features of Our Promotional SMS service:

    We are a team of experts and skilled personnel. In this journey, we will be present to help you out. We believe in helping brands grow and achieve their targets.
    • Quick communication:

    Sending a Promotional SMS is a quick way to communicate important details about products, outlets, facilities offered, or sharing the latest offers. The message can be conveyed to multiple receivers just with a single click. SMS facility is available on every mobile phone, you do not require a smartphone for texting or messaging.

    • Economic rates:

    We offer cost-effective service rates. You can select from several variety package options. The cost per SMS falls with the number of SMSes. Compared with the profits from a single sales call, our charges are quite inexpensive.

    • User-friendly interface:

    No specific skill is required to send the messages. We will guide you about the process and it is simple to adapt. It is as simple as using the chat section of any social media website. Our management team will guide you to establish an account and get easy access to the services.

    • Details about delivery

    : As soon as Promotional SMS gets delivered to the recipient, the sender will get an intimation. Even if you are sending SMS to multiple receivers, you will get a delivery report for every single sent message.

    • Hassle-free connection:

    A business entity can easily establish a long-term connection with the customers. The important details or initiations about the latest offers and deals can be shared instantly to attract prospective customers.

    • Round-the-clock customer support:

    When you choose us for the service, just let go of any burden. We are dedicated to our customers and have round-the-clock customer support service. We are here for your help.