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    Transactional SMS Services

    Share real-time reports of orders placed, orders in transit, send One Time Password (OTP), and share the payment status with the help of Transactional Bulk SMS Service. A business entity, whether operating through an e-commerce website or a cemented outlet requires certain common services. Sharing of payment status, providing with the delivery report of product in transit, informing about the confirmation of order placed, or intimating details of changed login id, password. All of these are covered in the category of transactional SMS. A piece of specific information is shared with the concerned customer. It is just not another random message which is being circulated for brand promotion or for attracting people to an upcoming event. But is a very important message that will be sharing the key information and essential updates about the purchases made by the customer. Brands that are planning to serve in the long run are familiar with the way to connect with customers personally. It is a responsible decision to offer services like details of delivery and return requests. It makes customers feel relaxed about the action they have taken. A message sharing details of order summary and payment status is saved and works as a reminder for customers. People have a habit to check their messages daily, but only a few access to mail daily. Transactional SMS is a better way to share important details about purchases made. The important features of transactional Bulk SMS service will draw you towards this service. It has multiple benefits to offer. It is an important service that should be provided by businesses, irrespective of their size.

    Important features of Transactional SMS Service

    Ability to provide secure end-to-end service:

    The message is sent from the business entity to a specific customer. No third party is involved or is getting any access to the key information. The whole mechanism is set up in such a way that security is ensured.

    • Pay-per-use facility:

    An SMS successfully delivered to the recipient will be charged. This feature helps to maintain transparency about the charges. We do not charge for the SMS that was not delivered.

    Capable of offering real-time status

    As soon as the purchase is completed and the order is successfully placed, a message will be sent to the customer with all the details. It is a quick and informative SMS service.

    Offers user-friendly interface:

    With the initial introduction about the whole process, our customers can get easy access to the service. It just takes a few simple steps to establish the whole system, everything is done by artificial intelligence. No major manual interference is required.

    Database Privacy

    Even we can't look up your database because we lock your server with 2 Factor authentication! It means OTP will be sent to registered mobile number for login process every time

    Non-stop support service:

    The service is available for use without any break or stops. It is offered round the clock; no specific business hours are defined for offering the service to our customers.

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    Benefits Of Transactional Bulk SMS Service

    No Limitation Of Time

    Transactional SMS can be sent anytime and anywhere. They are conveniently used by users round the clock. There is no certain limit to the time and place of access.

    Makes Your Business TrustWorthy

    It helps to build trust among the business entity and its customer, especially when OTP is shared for login purposes or to fill in the credentials.

    No Spamming

    A certain limit is set for the number of maximum characters of an SMS to make it precise and informative

    Genuine Delivery Reports

    • A business entity can easily track the delivery report about the updates of transit communicated to the customer. In case there is any SMS not delivered, they can retry to send them.

    Unique Sender ID

    No, DND number or spam number will be used, SMS will get delivered and a real-time delivery report will be shared. We will ensure that the message is delivered to the recipient time.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Customers feel satisfied when such a service is offered. It helps them to plan their schedule and be available for accepting the delivery of the parcel.

    Why Our Transational SMS Only?

    Bulk2sms is offering Transactional SMS at the highest delivery speed with unlimited validity. We are a team that is working hard to serve round-the-clock services to customers. Our staff and representatives are emphasizing the importance of good service. We offer customized usage of the services and help our customers to expand their networking, Thinking how can you get all the above benefits? Well, just contact us. We will guide you, help you, and support you with our best services. We aim to promote businesses and help them increase their reach among interested people.

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